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The logs stand vertical creating a circle house. The logs can be laid horizontal creating a conventional log home Each log is engineered using kiln dried wood. The results of an engineered log is no settling and no splitting For the circle house, the floor arrives in pie shaped sections.


We invite you to imagine the possibilities.

If you have ever wanted to live in a yurt but got stopped because of building permits, we have the solution



There are other yurt suppliers, but Yurts Truly, a division of One-of-a-Kind Creative Woodcrafting, is the only company that accepted the challenge to design the first yurt to withstand the incredible snow loads (540 lbs/sq ft) in Strathcona Provincial Park, British Columbia.

Such loads would and have crushed many buildings over the years, not alone a yurt.

However, while there were constant design challenges to overcome, Dave Byers, owner and visionary of Yurts Truly, never doubted the result and in the end, BC Parks has the first alpine yurt of its kind.

Beyond structural integrity, the quality of wood crafting was superb with attention paid to the smallest details.

BC Parks is proud of the Croteau Lake yurt which has not only made history in its construction technique, but become part of Strathcona Parks’ long and unique history as British Columbia’s first provincial park.

Owner integrity, quality woodcrafting, problem solving and of course, genuinely nice and trusting people to work with, makes Yurts Truly and One-of-a-Kind Creative Woodcrafting  a company worth considering.

Andy Smith, BC Parks, December 2017


To whom it may concern

Over the past 3 years we have been building our dream retirement home on the shore of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. A large part of our design vision was high quality and durable woodwork for things like the wraparound deck, interior walls, exterior treatments and a cedar hot tub.

Dave helped us make our dreams come true. Throughout the project he was responsive to our design vision, value-conscious, and over the top with customer service.

Working with Dave is the most positive customer service experience a consumer could have. From upfront sales to after sales service, Dave is truly the best. He is driven by passion for client satisfaction. That coupled with multi-industry knowledge and experience sets him apart from the rest.

Dave is a visionary, a problem solver and people person. There are four people you need in your life besides your family and friends; a doctor, a dentist, a mechanic and Dave

Laura and Jason Ducharme

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These pages will introduce you to the world's first ever insulated log yurt. You may purchase just the insulated logs from us or just the insulated floor pies or have us design and build your very own insulated log yurt. Enjoy!

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